Thursday, February 28, 2013

when words are not enough

it kinda stupid for crying over things you cannot change. crying for a person who don't even know you exist. its stupid. stupid and stupid. but as stupid as it sound i though it relieving, comforting.

then it hits me..

once you are a will always be one




that was kyung's tweet. owhhhhhhh...i dont know he was sad for. but i can feel i tearing up too...this is stupid nunaaaaaa....

everything happen for a reason---this is the only thing i can say this phrase going to change things, but well it help me when i felt sad..i hope he's doing fine over there

cheer up..


Friday, February 15, 2013

the bad and the good ones

where shud i start. from the heartbreaking story or the happy one....i'm a BBC and BABYs. i should be happy and sad at the same time. this is not fair.

I've been away from internet for about 1 month. i was hoping there's a good news from block b. honestly i was scared to google block b. i'm hoping the best for them. every BBC are. please do not let them disband. to those haters n antis, please stop harming them. enough, please put urself in their shoes. everyone should be given chance. please.......i want to see them together as 7. not 1 not 2 not 5. pleaseeee. i'm pleading to god knows who...sigh

as for BAP, they just realease 'one shot'. i'm glad i watch it on the release date. the MV is perfect. not more not less. the storyline, choreography and the clueless Zelo really made my day. Zelo sure grow up fast. i can barely notice him. He look so much older in just 1 month. well, youngjae's acting in my opinion can be improve. chill guys, i want the best for them too. BYG is so freaking hawtttt in the MV. well, remind me when he's not. I like himchan new hairstyle. it suit him well. i really wish it should be Daejae instead of bangjae. nonetheless, i like the MV so much. i really wish Zelo will be cooler in the MV. maybe throwing daggers, using knife..hahaha. well coz the MV reminds me a lot to a fanfic 'as we die'. hell, the story line is just the same with the fic. it really giv me goosebumps. there's banglo too in the MV when they are going bringing camera n map watsoeva. i was like, this is like the freaking fanfic. i cannot wait to read new fanfic inspired by this MV.

somehow the MV reminds me of block me..a was heartbreaking. both are my favourite idol :(

the other news is, BYG is in Tumblr. hahahhahaha. that is the best plot twist evaaa....i cant imagine he's scrolling the shippers tags. BangHim, BangDae--BangLo oppssss..seriously this scary..well at least he know the BABYs are active 24/7...

happy new year. i'm hoping the best for my idols.
1.the BEST of the Best for Block B. Stay together. BBC too
2.i wish for a DAEJAE duet...pleaseee
3.for SUJU, the fist love for my KPOP, please guys-find ur long lost X-Factor in your song. Honestly, i can hardly play ur song in my playlist now. i'm so sorry...and please SM- give suju chance for a good MV too. not just studio MV. pls
4.b2st. well, they are doing fine. :) more sad story in 2013....i super hate that

Kpop surely bring out the new me. i'm barely listen to any other language music now. those non-kpopers, hating is not the resolution the bring down KPOP. i believe, it will slow down eventually. for now, please bare with us. more love pleaseeee


Monday, January 7, 2013

An angel with a shotgun

why? why? can they survive this time? i hate to say this coz i dont want to sound like i'm unoptimistic,  like i'm not believing in i wanna run away--no, absolutely not. This is not fair..sigh...I really hope they can survive and live..they will get through this..for many years to come. am i being unrealistic or a dreamer? i dont care..even as a fan i though like 'enough is enough'--i cant even bring myself to read those stupid articles about the lawsuit. the phrase 'hatefull comments', 'disrespect' etc-there are not even a thing to begin with..the writers are selfish people. I'm sorry..but you writers are really the one to blame for the stupid IJHGYRYTRIO*&GF...ughhh..i felt like i'm going to cry because of frustration right now. there will not always rainbows and unicorns this world nuna. This is not like freakin disney world we are living in. and the most frustrating thing is i cannot do anything about this..if only i have power to help them..please tell me what i can do to help them...shit, i will even sign 100000000 petition if they can help BB.

Please keep smiling...please cheer up..oh god i dont even know how tell them i'm being insensitive? i just really want them to be how they make us happy..seriously-there will not a single chance BB will read this message but deep inside i want them to know that there will be a fan standing behind their back to support them. And i know i'm not alone. Like all BBC said--


stay strong,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Who cares?

After the news come out all over the net that Kim U Kwon is owned which mean he have a girlfriend- a long term one, i was quite shock. Well some mixture of disappointment, frustrated, sad, amaze and all of those negative feelings. u know what i mean. I always refer U Kwon as my bias in Block B even actually i dont have one since i lurvee every each them.

But then after a while, i realised my lurve for him is still the same. He still the hot U Kwon, still the great dancer and still the kitty kwon. It didnt change any bit of the fact. True maybe he have a girlfriend and honestly i'm proud of him confessed to his fans he have one. I'm proud to be his fan. Personally, i lurve them because they enjoy being themselves. That like u kwon said, he just didnt feel right to keep the secret from his fans. Well, i'm rooting for u. I dont care if he have one because i still love him.

Always have and Always Will.

well that sounds greasy..hahahaha

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Seriously, i kinda piss off right now. Cant help to feel frustrated as well.

fren: why are you so intested in Block B?
me:er...coz they are good?
fren:i dont see anything in them. the song is weird and the concept too. *in word in malay 'ntahpape' if you know what i mean.*
me:every person have different liking
fren:they dont have a visual too
me:yes they are
me:why should i tell you when you are so looking down at them.
fren: i'm not intrested in them.
fren:the dont have enough visual to be interested with

Great. Why i'm so stupid to converse with her about Block B. I knew she didnt like Block B mainly because they are not attractive enough to her liking -according to her not me. *like she ever watch Block B before*..sigh..i remember she said the same thing for BAP before...and BTOB..Look like she have to eat her words now since she's so into Daehyun and ilhoon now. Yeah right-i remember when i show her 'i Remember' version with Daehyun, she said he doesnt good enough voice as Yeseob. But i didnt care because i think they were both good. i never compared them since i'm craving to see live version of 'i remember' because i'm so intoo that song so much. Thank god i finally hear dae's version. i like that.

Block B is unique group. Maybe they are still new to the industry compared to SUJU, TVXQ, BEAST or Big Bang..but they are these kind of group, that one of their kind. you know what i mean, same feels you heard of these big names. They gonna BIG one day, and my fren over here gonna be eat her words again. i have no doubt about that. Block B gonna stay long in the industry coz they are true. The music is true and they are true. In fact i fall in love with their music first before i like them. But i like them..L.I.K.E

For my fren here, one fine day she gonna come to me and squeel how effin hot U-Kwon is, how Cool Zico is, How cute the Taepyo couple is, How freakin great dancer B-Bomb is, How good Taeil voice is, How derp Kyung is. I'm not expecting her to listen to BB music since she is not into BB genre so much-well that the least thing i hope for know.

i dont care is people didnt like Block B but i'm will always be a proud BBC.

Always have and Always B


Monday, November 19, 2012


Jealousy is like a bug...even you shove it kept coming stupidly at you..crawling on your skin...eating your brain out..urghhhhhhh...and my stupid jealousy is kinda stupid....stupid enough to make me feel stupid...i hate being a international fan...wait..this issue have nothing to do with me being a fangirl..NOTHING

the next thing i will do when i have lot of money is (lot of a lot)....i gonna fly to Korea and stay there for a freakin whole month..nope maybe a whole freakin year...urghhhh..




*feeling gloomy, haunted just like the picture...sighhhhh


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